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Webpay Plus (Transbank) Module for PrestaShop

Webpay Plus (Transbank)

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Module for PrestaShop that allows you to receive payments with credit cards, debit cards, Onepay, Redcompra and Chilean banks, in the most secure way and with instant validation by Webpay Plus (Transbank).

Webpay Plus (Transbank) Module for PrestaShop

Receive payments with credit cards, debit cards, Onepay, Redcompra and Chilean banks, in the most secure way and with instant validation by Webpay Plus (Transbank).

Benefits for Merchants

  • Significant increase in sales conversions. Having a card payment gateway potentiates the closing of the sale.
  • Attraction of more clients with exclusive promotions offered by Webpay, such as interest free monthly payments.
  • Security and trust in payments, thanks to Webpay's sophisticated anti-fraud system.
  • Internal system for transaction risk analysis.
  • Option to keep orders in status "Pending approval".
  • All orders are validated before being processed to avoid modifications to the shopping cart and reduce orders with status of "Payment error".
  • Complete administrative panel of Webpay with detailed record of transactions.
  • Maintenance option, ideal for tests.
  • Detailed error log.
  • It does not require override files for its correct functionality.
  • Technical assistance from our agents to move to production.

Our Guarantees

  • All our developments are certified by PrestaShop.
  • We are PrestaShop Partner Agency and Superhero Top Developer.
  • Support warranty in the module's bugs.
  • We can customize the module or make the necessary modifications. Contact us to request an estimate.


  • Option to carry out tests, already and configured to obtain the evidences required by Webpay for its move to production.
  • Advanced experience in payments by credit card, debit card, Onepay, Redcompra and Chilean banks.
  • Modern and intuitive payment gateway that provides the best user experience on any device.
  • Validations in real time, both the form's inputs and the payment.
  • Sophisticated anti-fraud system that allows to detect fraudulent transactions in real time.
  • Detailed error system.
  • All transactions are stored in the Webpay panel.
  • Internal panel with detailed listing of all transactions (or attempted transactions) with Webpay.
  • Option to keep orders in status "Pending approval", configurable with additional options.
  • Option to make refunds in the order panel.
  • Self-deactivation option from a defined amount.
  • Configurable maintenance option by IP, ideal for tests.
  • Internal system for analyzing the level of risk of transactions, completely configurable to your business model.
  • Compatible with multi-currency.
  • Compatible with multi-language.
  • Compatible with multi-store.
  • Complete and detailed documentation.

Benefits for customers

  • The payment experience is simple and intuitive on any device.
  • Validation of the form's inputs are in real time.
  • Validation of charge in real time that indicates if the payment could be made correctly or was declined, allowing the customer to try again with a different card.
  • Payment option in US dollar (USD). You must have the appropriate commerce code and released by Webpay.
  • Payment option with credit or debit card.
  • Payment option in installments without interest.
  • Payment option with Onepay.
  • Payment option with Redcompra and Chilean banks.


The installation is completely aligned to the native process of PrestaShop, doesn't require any kind of special intervention or installation of override files.


  • You have the technical assistance of a Rolige agent to generate your production certificates or integrate certificates you already have in the module. The cost of this service is already included in the initial purchase of the module.
  • If you have a commerce code to receive payments in US dollars (USD), you must have this currency enabled in your shop and properly configure payment preferences.
  • Webpay counts, as a security measure, with a very short maximum time for the authentication of a transaction, therefore the validation of the order must be very fast. For this reason, we recommend using the Ultra Fast Email Sender Optimizer Module, which speeds up the order confirmation process by up to 70%.
  • Try to take advantage of the benefits offered by Webpay to attract more customers and enhance the closing of the sale, such as interest free monthly payments.



  • Active account in Webpay by Transbank
  • PHP 5.6+
  • PHP ionCube extension version 10.3 or higher
  • PHP SOAP extension
  • PHP cURL extension
  • PHP mbstring extension
  • PHP JSON extension
  • SSL Certificates with the HTTPS protocol enabled

Data sheet

Conversion rate
Provides a payment method suitable to your customers

Specific References

1.3.0 -- (2020, Ago 25)

  • [+] Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.7.7.x
  • [+] New option to automatically update the order status in refunds
  • [+] New option to restrict refunds to specific employee profiles
  • [*] SDK update
  • [-] Fix to the "SameSite" cookie problem introduced in Google Chrome v80.1
  • [-] Minor bug fixes

1.0.0 -- (2019, Jun 10)

  • [+] Initial release

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