Increase your Sales with the iVoy Carrier

iVoy Carrier

With the emergence and rapid evolution of information technologies, traditional merchandise trade has been drastically modified. More and more companies are interested in the so-called electronic commerce, which has taken the products to the hands of customers, without having even had to move from their place. It has also opened the possibilities for medium and small entrepreneurs to offer their goods and services. Nowadays, and apparently forever, electronic commerce is an essential element of modern commerce.

Difficult challenges involves the implementation of an e-commerce site. Various business models and associated costs, several platforms that act as a shopping cart, various methods of payment and logistics, each with its strengths and weaknesses. But the current reality is undeniable: there are millions of potential customers eager to have the products virtually in their hands, buy them and feel them as soon as possible, without having to leave the home comfort.

PrestaShop distinguishes among the various options available as e-commerce platforms. Well-known system that boasts of +300 thousand online stores in 160 countries and 65 languages ​​around the world. Mexico, which ranks first in Latin America in sales by e-commerce both in total amount and in number of specific transactions, PrestaShop is one of the first choices of traders. It can be installed free of charge, the seller has complete control over its store and its functionalities can be extended through a system of installable modules or plugins, which makes it one of the most flexible, secure and powerful platforms worldwide.

Logistics, a fundamental pillar of electronic commerce, implies special care and attention. In particular, the transportation service that ensures that the products purchased by customers reach a safe destination in the shortest possible time. In cities as big and congested as Mexico City, Monterrey or Guadalajara, with millions of cars circulating daily, motorcycles have become the most effective means of transportation. Since 2011, a company called iVoy had the great idea of ​​using this means of transport to offer the express service of local courier in less than 90 minutes and also with a considerable decrease in environmental pollution that affects us so much. Based on new digital technologies, they have built a modern platform that allows making quotes, GPS monitoring, generation of shipments, tracking in real time, notifications of change of status, billing, among others. It has prepaid and credit modalities for companies and excellent rates for volume of contracted shipments. Thanks to its service and innovation, iVoy won the 2016 Best Logistics Service award from eAwards Mexico.

Boosting innovative local transportation solutions such as iVoy and using the most modern technologies, Rolige has launched the iVoy module for PrestaShop. The module offers a complete integration with the iVoy services including geolocation of destination addresses, shipping quotation, generation of guides and tracking of shipments. Below is the detailed list of functionalities that the module offers:

  • Calculate shipping costs in real time through the services of iVoy.
  • Use of cache in the results to improve the loading speed in the site and calculate costs only when there is a change in the shopping cart.
  • Allows you to select the geographical location of the address to have a quote and more accurate delivery.
  • Generation of the shipment with iVoy directly from your Back Office with a simple click.
  • Compatible with orders generated directly from the Back Office.
  • Option to perform shipping cost calculations only on the order confirmation page, this with the purpose of improving the performance in the navigation of the site.
  • Option that allows you to establish an impact on the cost of the shipment before showing it to the customer.
  • Summary list with the orders associated with iVoy and its corresponding data.
  • Compatible with Multi-currency
  • Compatible with Multi-store
  • Complete and detailed documentation.

The confidence that the module provides to the client when knowing the real cost of delivery based on the characteristics of the products of the cart and the destination address, together with the precise and expeditious service of iVoy in metropolitan areas, definitely favors the confirmation of the sale . On the other hand, the generation of the shipment in a few clicks sending all the required information to iVoy unequivocally, will make your delivery service the fastest of the entire market. With this module, your online store will have the best service that your customers can obtain.

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