CoDi: The definitive solution for payment methods in PrestaShop for Mexico

Banco de México has launched a new payment platform called CoDi, which allows SPEI transfers to be made instantly and securely through QR codes. Now, thanks to our module for the integration of CoDi in PrestaShop, merchants can offer this payment option to their customers in an easy and secure way.

The integration of Codi into your online store is very easy thanks to our module. Once installed, the module allows customers to scan a QR code and complete the transaction directly from their mobile device. This means that customers can pay quickly and conveniently, without having to manually enter their credit or debit card details.

Using the best practices of PrestaShop, as an officially certified partner in the platform, and trying to offer the most complete payment solution for online merchants in Mexico, Rolige has developed the CoDi México + SPEI Transfers + QR Code module. This module, in addition to being certified by PrestaShop, is periodically improved and updated, maintaining constant compatibility with the latest versions of PrestaShop.

Benefits for Merchants

  • Receive SPEI transfers directly to your bank account free of commissions.
  • Immediate transfer of funds in a matter of seconds.
  • Allow your customers to pay from the comfort of their cell phone.
  • Security and confidence in payments by having an official Banco de México gateway.
  • All orders are validated before being processed to avoid modifications to the shopping cart and reduce orders with a "Payment error" status.
  • Full CoDi administrative panel with detailed transaction log.
  • Maintenance option, ideal for testing.
  • Detailed error log.
  • It does not require override files for its correct functionality.

Benefits for customers

  • The payment experience is simple and intuitive on any device.
  • The validation of the form entries are in real time.
  • Compatible with all banking applications in Mexico.
  • Validation of charge in real time.
  • Alternative option for payments through QR codes.

Todos los detalles de su instalación, configuración y funcionamiento en este video tutorial:

In short, our module for CoDi integration in PrestaShop is an excellent option for merchants looking to improve the payment experience of their customers. With a number of unique benefits and features, this module makes it easy and secure to offer your customers the option to pay through CoDi. Download our module today and start offering your customers a faster and more secure payment experience!

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