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PrestaShop Module of Custom Carriers for Chile

Custom Carriers for Chile

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Module for PrestaShop that allows you to create custom carriers for Chile with the option to specify availability and costs by commune, as well as estimated delivery times.

Custom Carriers for Chile

Create custom carriers for Chile with the option to specify availability and costs by commune, as well as estimated delivery times.

Benefits for Merchants

  • Integrate with any delivery service in your city/commune.
  • Define your own carriers and configure your shipping costs according to your city/commune.
  • Generate your own logistics system.
  • Trusted shipping costs obtained directly from configuration applied in the module.
  • All cities addresses registered by the customer and belonging to Chile, will have a normalized format.
  • In case your products do not have dimensions or weight, the module allows you to set dimensions and weight of customized products to calculate the shipping costs.
  • Option to add an impact or adjustment to the shipping costs displayed by the carrier before showing it to the customer.
  • Improve the shopping experience by allowing you to show estimated delivery times.
  • Simple configuration focused on obtaining accurate and adjusted shipping costs for your business model.

Our Guarantees

  • All our developments are certified by PrestaShop.
  • We are PrestaShop Partner Agency and Superhero Top Developer.
  • Support warranty in the module's bugs.
  • We can customize the module or make the necessary modifications. Contact us to request an estimate.


  • Calculates shipping costs in real time through the configuration applied in module.
  • Use of cache in the results to improve the loading speed of the site and to make calculation of the costs only when there is a change in the shopping cart.
  • Normalizes the cities of all customers belonging to the country of Chile.
  • In the address form, the entry of a City uses an autocomplete with all the cities/communes of Chile to avoid any incorrect entries, since the cost of shipping is 100% based on them.
  • Compatible with orders generated directly from the Back Office.
  • Option to add as many couriers as necessary.
  • Option to generate your own ranges for the configuration of shipping costs by package weight.
  • Option to quickly configure via csv or excel the shipping costs of each courier for each commune.
  • Option to deactivate communes in which the courier does not offer coverage and other communes with free shipping.
  • Shipping cost can be determined in 3 different ways:
    • Based on weight.
    • Based on weight and cubic volume.
    • Based on weight and an optimized three-dimensional volume, which simulates the packaging of all products in a 3D box.
  • Option to set custom dimensions for your products to be used when calculating shipping costs.
  • Option to establish a custom weight for your products to be used when calculating shipping costs.
  • Option that allows you to establish an impact on the cost of shipping before showing it to the customer.
  • Option to show estimated delivery times at checkout in each of the available services, with multiple customization options that will allow you to provide even more accurate estimated times.
  • Multi-currency compatible
  • Multi-store compatible
  • Full and detailed documentation.

Benefits for customers

  • Knowing the cost of shipping in real time based on the products of the shopping cart and the delivery address, as well as knowing at the time the estimated delivery times, undoubtedly generates greater confidence to the customer and helps closing the sale.
  • Reduce communication time with the store manager.
  • It has a greater list of options for shipping services.


The installation is completely automated and intuitive, the first form aims to normalize all cities/communes in the addresses of the customers that belong to Chile, in order to obtain valid shipping costs. The module will try to normalize as many addresses as possible, the rest must be modified manually.


  • It is mandatory that your products have specified at least the weight in the Shipping tab within the product editor, or that you use the module options to consider these custom values at the time of calculation.
  • The quote system only works for addresses in Chile.
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  • PHP 5.6+
  • PHP JSON extension


Q). Is it necessary to load states or cities in order for the module to work?
A). No, the module already contains more than 700 cities/communes.

Q). Does it work with other currencies?
A). Yes, but your store MUST have the Chilean peso (CLP) as a currency installed.

Q). Is the module compatible with the modules Starken (Turbus) and Correos Chile?
A). Yes, it is completely compatible.

Data sheet

Conversion rate
Provides a payment method suitable to your customers

Specific References

1.3.0 -- (2023, Aug 24)

  • [+] Option for free shipping by total amount
  • [-] Minor bug fixes for PrestaShop 8

1.2.0 -- (2023, Feb 28)

  • [+] Compatibility with PrestaShop 8
  • [-] Fix of redeclared class for PrestaShop

1.1.7 -- (2022, Ago 26)

  • [-] Fix of missing communes in back office address form
  • [-] Fix to allow assignment of employee permissions to inaccessible tabs

1.1.5 -- (2022, Mar 29)

  • [-] Fix of load error in the address form in the back office of PS

1.1.4 -- (2021, Jun 07)

  • [-] Fix for composer class loading

1.1.3 -- (2021, May 13)

  • [*] Improvements in autocomplete of words with tilde
  • [-] Fix to avoid the initial address update
  • [-] Minor bug fixes

1.1.0 -- (2020, Nov 27)

  • [+] Option for shipping insurance
  • [-] Fix when loading a deactivated carrier
  • [-] Minor fix for old MySQL versions

1.0.0 -- (2020, Ago 08)

  • [+] Initial release

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