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Correos Chile

The traditional commercialization of merchandise, due to the appearance of information technologies, has begun to change for some time. It is a general rule that companies allocate increased resources to the so-called electronic commerce, which has narrowed the gap between merchants. Undoubtedly, electronic commerce has been established with overwhelming force in modern society.

Setting up an e-commerce site involves making complex decisions. Different business models, several pre-built platforms such as shopping cart, multiple methods of payment and logistics, each with its characteristics, benefits and restrictions. However, there is an absolute reality: there are thousands of potential buyers eager to obtain the products they require from the mobility of their portable unit and at any time.

PrestaShop stands out in the broad spectrum of e-commerce platforms. Known system that has +200 thousand online stores assembled in more than 160 countries and 65 languages ​​around the world. Focusing on Chile, which boasts the third position in Latin America in sales by e-commerce and boasts the highest rate of evolution in recent years, PrestaShop has been the first choice of traders. It can be downloaded for free, its control is completely in the hands of the vendor and its many basic functionalities can be extended through modules, which makes it one of the most striking platforms worldwide. For this reason there are, up to now, +250 registered domains developed with PrestaShop in Chile.

In the electronic commerce, the logistics is a central pillar, since the service of transport takes to safe and sure destiny the products bought by the clients. Founded since 1981, Correos Chile is the leading company in the national market. The company handles an annual traffic of +4 million packages and covers 100% of the Chilean territory fulfilling the functions of universal postal service. It is a modern, efficient and professional company at the service of all Chileans.

After having successfully launched the modules for PrestaShop of Chilexpress and Starken, Rolige decided to also undertake the implementation of the Correos Chile module for PrestaShop in response to the clear demand of Chilean merchants to have another option of integration with renowned Chilean carriers. your online stores. The module offers an integration to obtain in real time the quotation of shipments with Correos Chile, including in particular the following options:

  • Calculation of shipping costs in real time through the Correos Chile webservice.
  • Normalization of the cities of all customer addresses that belong to Chile.
  • In the address form, the entry of the City field uses a self-completion with all the cities / communes of Chile to avoid incorrect entries, since the shipping cost is 100% based on them.
  • Use of cache in the results to improve the loading speed in the site and do cost calculation only when there is a change in the shopping cart.
  • Compatibility with orders generated directly from the Back Office.
  • Option to perform shipping costs calculations only on the order confirmation page, with the purpose of improving the navigation performance of the site.
  • Option to specify the city / town of origin for shipments.
  • Determination of shipping cost in 3 different ways:
    • Based on weight and a cubic volume.
    • Based on weight and an optimized three-dimensional volume, which simulates the packaging of all products in a 3D box.
  • Option to establish custom dimensions to your products to be used when calculating shipping costs.
  • Option to establish a custom weight for your products to be used when calculating shipping costs.
  • Option to establish an impact (increase or reduction) on the cost of the shipment before showing it to the client.
  • Compatibility with multi-currency.
  • Compatibility with multi-store.

The confidence that the module gives the client to know the real cost of shipping based on the characteristics of the products of the cart and the destination address definitely encourages the confirmation of the purchase. With this module your online store will have a verified quality carrier that will be very useful for you and the buyers of your Chilean store. You will not need any other requirement, procedure or account to start using the module, only the willingness to offer the best service that your clients can obtain.

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