The definitive solution of payment methods in PrestaShop for Chile

Developing an e-commerce site can be quite a challenge. Hundreds of business models, multiple digital platforms with shopping cart functionalities, various logistics and payment methods. Despite all this, the same constant is always present: thousands of potential customers looking to purchase the products of their interest from the comfort of their hands at any time without having to leave their home.

Among the various platforms available, Prestashop stands out as one of the ideal options to implement your e-commerce. Known and widely used, it is present in more than 160 countries with more than 250 thousand online stores installed in 65 different languages. In the case of Chile specifically, which has the third place in all Latin America in terms of sales by electronic commerce, the highest growth in the last 3 years is exhibited, PrestaShop is established as the merchants' preferred choice. Its free installation, flexibility, independent installation and ability to expand its functionalities thanks to a system of modules and extensions, makes it one of the most interesting platforms in the commercial field. Proof of this, are the more than 250 domains registered in Chile that have been developed with PrestaShop.

One of the nerve centers of an online store is the payment gateways , a component that can give the customer the confidence to make their payment safely or, conversely, discourage them from completing the purchase. Chile has several payment platforms that have an important relevance in electronic commerce and provide the security and stability that all commerce needs to offer its clients. Among them, in order of popularity, we could mention Webpay and Flow .

Webpay is Transbank's payment gateway to carry out transactions from the Internet with bank credit and debit cards Redcompra in an efficient and safe way, being, in turn, the most important payment gateway for merchants of Chile .

Flow is the main alternative in the country to make and receive payments integrating various gateways or forms of payment such as Webpay (yes, it also integrates the same Webpay mentioned above), Onepay, Mach, Servipag, Multicaja, Cryptocompra.

Both payment gateways offer a similar payment system for customers, but what are their fundamental differences?

Commission cost

Webpay Plus: It has no cost for customers, as it is completely free for consumers. Otherwise for merchants, since Webpay Plus charges sales commissions directly to the seller, which vary depending on the type of card. If you sell with a credit card, you will be charged 2.95% + VAT. In the case of Sale with a debit card (Redcompra) the commission becomes 1.49% + VAT. In addition, there are monthly transaction fees.

Flow: Like Webpay, Flow has no cost for people who pay using their bank cards, business card or through the coupon payment through the platform, leaving the commissions directly to merchants. The difference is that the Flow rates are charged depending on the speed selected to make the withdrawal by the merchant, being the discounted amount of the payment collected. For Fees on the next business day of payment it would charge 3.19% + VAT and for Fees on the third business day of payment it would be 2.89% + VAT. There is also a discount to the aforementioned rates based on the total amount of the transactions and other related parameters.

Withdrawal of money

Webpay Plus: The money from the sales is credited to your account, after 24 bank hours for sales with Redcompra and 48 bank hours for Credit Cards, meeting the sales requirements. It should be noted that commissions or fees will be charged monthly against sales with Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

Flow: It allows you to withdraw your money as soon as you decide between two options: the next business day or the third day after payment.

Account creation process and go to production

Webpay Plus: Their policies require a fairly lengthy bureaucratic and certification process, which can take up to a month before you can start making sales for any of their payment methods. Transbank will require you to have a formalized company, sign contracts and circumvent a technical implementation process.

This whole process basically consists of a three-part flow: a business flow in which the merchant must join Transbank online and sign a sub-annex of webservices to receive a business code; then the integrating flow , in which security certificates and certain evidences of transactions must be generated to send them to the technical team in a form by email; and finally, we move on to the support flow , in which the Transbank team will validate the return and its integration with its electronic commercial site. If this last flow is successful, they will send you their production environment integration credentials.

Flow: To start making sales on your site, you just need to create a user on their website, where they will ask for your personal information and a bank account where you want to receive payments. With only this information you can already select which payment methods you want to activate in your store and you will have access to your integration credentials in productive mode.

PrestaShop integration

Webpay Plus: Despite having a module developed by its development team, the integration process involves going through the aforementioned validation process. This includes the generation of security certificates, evidence of transactions and validation by the technical team before allowing production..

Flow: Accessing production credentials with Flow is fairly simple. It has modules developed by them, whose main disadvantage is that for each payment method that you want to use in the online store, you will have to install and configure a module separately.

These gateways offer various forms of integration with different e-commerce platforms. In the case of PrestaShop, through modules developed by its development teams. Although it is true that these options are free, they are not certified by PrestaShop and have several shortcomings. Its integration in some cases has requirements that involve technical knowledge, such as the generation of security certificates.

There are other deficiencies, such as the unnecessary generation of orders before payment confirmation, not having a detailed list of the transactions carried out or not being able to make refunds directly from PrestaShop, among others.

Using PrestaShop best practices, as certified partner officially on the platform, and trying to offer the most complete payment solution for online merchants in Chile, Rolige has developed the modules Webpay Plus (Transbank) and Flow Plus (Webpay, Onepay, Mach, Servipag, Multicaja) . In them, it has been possible not only to unify the services that each of the solutions offer, but it has also developed security verifications in transfers at the PrestaShop level and has made integration with these platforms much more flexible by offering a variety of options for setting. These modules, in addition to being certified by PrestaShop, are regularly improved and updated, maintaining constant compatibility with the latest versions of PrestaShop.

With the Webpay Plus (Transbank) Module for PrestaShop , you can receive payments with credit cards, debit cards, Onepay, Redcompra and Chilean banks, in the safest way and with instant validations by Webpay Plus (Transbank).

Benefits for Merchants

  • Notable increase in sales conversions. Having a card payment gateway enhances the closing of the sale.
  • Attracting more customers with exclusive promotions offered by Webpay, such as paying months without interest.
  • Security and trust in payments, thanks to Webpay's sophisticated anti-fraud system.
  • Internal transaction risk analysis system.
  • Option to keep orders in "Pending approval" status.
  • All orders are validated before being processed to avoid modifications to the shopping cart and to reduce orders with "Payment Error" status.
  • Complete Webpay administrative panel with detailed transaction log.
  • Maintenance option, ideal for testing.
  • Detailed error log.
  • It does not require override files for its correct functionality.
  • Technical assistance from our agents for putting them into production.

Benefits for Clients

  • The payment experience is simple and intuitive on any device.
  • The validations of the form entries are in real time.
  • Real-time charge validation indicating whether the payment could be made or declined, allowing the customer to try again with a different card.
  • Payment option in United States dollar (USD). You must have the appropriate commercial code and released by Webpay.
  • Option to pay by credit or debit card.
  • Option of payment in installments without interest.
  • Onepay payment option.
  • Payment option with Redcompra and Chilean banks.

With the Flow Plus module (Webpay, Onepay, Mach, Servipag, Multicaja) for PrestaShop , you can receive payments with credit cards, bank debit cards, and payment coupons from the main Chilean payment platforms (Webpay, Onepay, Mach, Servipag, Multicaja, Cryptocompra), in the fastest and safest way through Flow.

Merchant Benefits

  • Registering and indicating where you want your money to be transferred is the only thing you will need to start receiving payments. It is NOT necessary to have contracts with the means of payment.
  • All payment methods and gateways unified in a single module.
  • Notable increase in sales conversions. Having a multiple payment gateway enhances the closing of the sale.
  • Excellent rates and fee commissions.
  • The total amount of the payments minus the cost of the respective service will be transferred to your bank account, regardless of whether the client paid using installments.
  • All orders are validated before being processed to avoid modifications to the shopping cart and reduce orders with status of "Pending approval" or "Payment error".
  • Complete Flow administrative panel with detailed transaction log.
  • Maintenance option, ideal for testing.
  • Request for refunds without leaving the store.
  • Detailed error log.
  • It does not require override files for its correct functionality.

Benefits for Clients

  • The payment experience is simple and intuitive on any device.
  • Real-time charge validation indicating if the payment could be made or declined, allowing the customer to try again with a new platform or different payment method.
  • Payment option with credit or debit card, payment coupon and cryptocurrency.
  • Installment payment option.

If you want to provide your online store with the most stable payment options on the market in Chile, do not forget to have the best integration available for your PrestaShop store when using our modules. Remember that they have quality certification and guaranteed support.

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