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Web Browser Push Notifications using OneSignal, Module for PrestaShop

Web Browser Push Notifications using OneSignal

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Module for PrestaShop that allows you to send unlimited push notifications to web browsers in any device, even if your shop's website is closed, using advanced PrestaShop based segmentation filters.

Web Browser Push Notifications using OneSignal for PrestaShop

Send unlimited push notifications to web browsers in any device, even if your shop's website is closed, using advanced PrestaShop based segmentation filters.

Benefits for Merchants

  • Easy to use and with advanced functionalities.
  • Sending notifications even when the users are not on your website helps you stay top of mind with users, especially if they've previously engaged.
  • Web push notifications work exactly like the native mobile push on Android, so you don’t have to create a mobile app to send native push notifications.
  • Greater opt-in rate. It's easier for users to sign up for Web Push than email, which results in higher opt-ins than email.
  • Higher conversion rates. Studies have shown that web push notifications have 30 times higher conversion when compared with email.
  • Sends customized information for a defined audience of customers based on your shop's data.
  • Improves communication with the customer, becomes more narrow and efficient.
  • Help fight information lost via email, for spam or junk mail reasons.
  • Your shop will have a distinctive and more professional touch than your competition.
  • Simple notifications that can make a difference when the customer is making decisions.
  • Reduce the time spent on customer support.
  • Significant increase in your sales conversions with the included functionality of the abandoned cart reminder.

Our Guarantees

  • All our developments are validated by PrestaShop.
  • Support warranty in the module's bugs.
  • We can customize the module or make the necessary modifications. Contact us to request an estimate.


Shows relevant notifications in the customer's browser with the ability to customize the information sent (title, message, URL, icon, mode of delivery, among others).


These notifications are automatically activated whenever one of the following events occurs:

  • Accepted order payment
  • Order preparation in progress
  • Tracking number registered
  • Order sent
  • Order delivered
  • Order canceled
  • Reply to a customer message
  • Generated voucher
  • Availability of the product


These notifications are generated in a personalized manner and can be targeted to a specific audience of customers or guests thanks to the great diversity of filters available, they can also be limited to a specific period of time. Listing of available filters:

  • Specific customers by name or email.
  • Include guests.
  • Device with which they subscribed.
  • Platform with which they subscribed.
  • Last date the customer was active.
  • Number of sessions recorded in your shop.
  • Customer groups.
  • Registered or not to the newsletter.
  • Registered or not to the Opt-in.
  • Gender.
  • Total amount purchased in the shop.
  • Total number of products purchased in the shop.
  • Position in the ranking of best customers.
  • Total number of valid orders.
  • If the customer has purchased a certain quantity of a specific product.
  • If the customer has purchased a certain quantity of a specific category.
  • If the customer has purchased a certain quantity of a specific manufacturer.
  • Payment methods used.
  • Carriers used.
  • Currencies used.
  • Abandoned carts with a certain time and amount.
  • From a certain date of registration to the shop.
  • Until a certain date of registration to the shop.
  • Preferred language of the customer.
  • Country of origin.
  • Shop (in case of using multi-shop).


These notifications will be sent to customers who have abandoned carts that meet the configured conditions. You can also optionally generate a discount coupon for the customer to use in that cart. Among other options, you can configure:

  • Time elapsed the cart was abandoned.
  • Minimum amount of the cart.
  • Time elapsed since sending the previous notification of abandoned cart.
  • The option to generate a discount coupon or not.
  • Validity time of the discount coupon generated.
  • Minimum amount of the cart to apply the coupon, including or not taxes and shipping costs.
  • Amount or percentage of the discount.
  • If free shipping will apply.


  • Configuration for a welcome or thank you notification for accepting notifications.
  • Configuration for personalization of visual effects of the notifications.
  • URL for configuration of scheduled tasks (Cron Jobs).
  • Option to clean outdated notification records depending on their current status and date of creation.
  • Administration panel for notifications, subscribers and notification campaigns.
  • Error log file.
  • Detailed documentation.

Benefits for Customers

The customer is kept informed at all times in real time, without having to check his e-mail, or never being informed for spam or junk email reasons.
The interaction from the shop to the customer becomes much more dynamic effective.


The installation is completely attached to the native PrestaShop process. It does not require any kind of special intervention or installation of override files.


Avoid making excessive use of personalized notifications that push the customer to block web notifications from your domain.


Currently OneSignal is a free service for sending push notifications to the web browser, and in order for this module work it is necessary to have an active account or create a new one on its official site. Users previously subscribed to their shop notifications through OneSignal will not be compatible or cannot be imported into this module.

Data sheet

Customer relations
Improve customer relations

Specific References

1.11.0 -- (2023, Mar 26)

  • [+] Compatibility with PrestaShop 8

1.10.2 -- (2022, Sep 09)

  • [-] Fix in the event notifications of the mobile App

1.10.1 -- (2022, Aug 24)

  • [*] Updated order status messages

1.10.0 -- (2022, Mar 30)

  • [+] Compatibility added with the Rolige mobile App
  • [+] New field added for large image in notification campaign
  • [*] Platform list updated
  • [-] Fix in notifications of shipping tracking code added
  • [-] Fix on default language for PS languages ​​not supported by OneSignal
  • [-] Fix on permissions request delay

1.8.0 -- (2020, Jun 08)

  • [+] Compatibility added for PrestaShop 1.7.7.x
  • [-] Minor warnings fixed in the module configuration

1.7.0 -- (2020, Jan 29)

  • [+] New option to add a delay in permission requests

1.6.3 -- (2019, Nov 01)

  • [-] Bug fixed in the HTML content of the popup
  • [-] manifest.json file restored

1.6.1 -- (2019, Sep 01)

  • [-] Error fixed of blank page after clicking on an abandoned cart notification

1.6.0 -- (2019, Ago 20)

  • [+] New design in the module configurator
  • [+] New option in the Cart Reminder to set a maximum amount required
  • [+] New option in the Cart Reminder to set a minimum and/or maximum products quantity required
  • [*] The "Reminder time of the previous cart" option can now be set in hours instead of days
  • [*] The subscribers update is now via Ajax to support a high volume of data
  • [*] Minor performance improvements
  • [*] PrestaShop 1.5 compatibility has been removed
  • [-] Minor fix in the campaign manager for PS 1.7.5+

1.3.0 -- (2018, Nov 21)

  • [+] Customized notifications for all order statuses
  • [+] Persistent notifications
  • [+] Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.5
  • [-] Fixed error of notifications with guest users
  • [-] Minor bugs fixed

1.0.2 -- (2018, Apr 03)

  • [+] Notifications campaign feature added

1.0.1 -- (2018, Feb 11)

  • [+] Abandoned cart reminder feature added

1.0.0 -- (2018, Jan 09)

  • [+] Initial release

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